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Nick Ockwig

www.badgerstategames.org We would like to invite your to our June 15th, 2019 event at the Wausau Center Mall. Daedo Gear Sparring, Weapons, Brick & Board Breaking, forms and much, much more. Compete for Gold, Silver, Bronze Spinner medals celebrating our 35th Anniversary of Summer Games.
May 10, 2019

Elite Health Club - Mosinee, WI

You too could be having this much fun?????? ?? Saturday’s at 10am and Tuesday’s at 6pm. https://www.facebook.com/​themotivatorpt/​videos/​587251531776356/​
April 23, 2019

Elite Health Club - Mosinee, WI

Putting money away in your 401k, investing in the market, putting in the years for a pension, sucking up to the rich uncle... All things we think of when we hear about planning for retirement. But have you invested in yourself? A fat 401k doesn’t mean much when you’re six feet under. Make sure you’re investing in your health with regular exercise (30 minutes a day) so your retirement fund doesn’t become just s...
April 4, 2019

Elite Health Club - Mosinee, WI

Tonight at 6pm you too could be having this much fun! https://photos.app.goo.gl/​MFXMmXSQF66DWdxn7
April 2, 2019

Central Wisconsin Martial Arts Institute

Mosinee: End of Spring Break Special ?? 6 week trial for $69 ?? Fun, educational, and guaranteed to tucker you or your child out?? https://www.facebook.com/​CentralWIMartialArts/​videos/​2304258386290348/​
March 29, 2019

Elite Health Club - Mosinee, WI

Reminder: We have our Bootcamp Group Fitness class at 10am Saturday. No fee for EHC members and only $5 a session for nonmembers ?? https://www.facebook.com/​EliteHealthClubMosinee/​photos/​a.702029839808292/​2324430430901550/​?type=3
March 29, 2019